Protection and secure efficient transfer of IP in research

GSK and Viant are looking to increase the growth of blockchain supply chain platform in the pharmaceutical industry by using the distributed ledger technology to track intellectual property licenses and ensure that the drugs are produced, transported, and stored in proper conditions.





In process

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Problem statement

The US Drug Supply Chain Security Act has made mandatory the unit-level tracking and traceability for pharmaceuticals by 2023.


Pharmaceutical industry is trying to use blockchain to accomplish this.

Technical details

It is built from the ground up as an asset- and domain-agnostic platform, based on building bespoke blockchain asset tracking solutions. It comprises of three main components:

  1. Tracker - It captures four pivotal aspects of an asset: who, what, when, and where. Therefore, it provides a real-time and transparent history of the asset journey.
  2. Modeler - It provides web-based UI to model assets and attributes to be tracked, business processes, actors, and their permissions to business actions. It simplifies the steps involved in defining and modeling all the key aspects of asset tracking.
  3. Smart Builder - It auto-generates smart contracts and application UI based on models developed in the Modeler.

It provides web interface for user, roles and permission management. It hopes to reduce cost and time to build and deploy asset tracking solutions on blockchain. This tracking also applies to foodstocks tracing.