Chain 76 — Use Cases

a review of blockchain technology implementations and deployments in the pharma and healthcare sectors
Helping the community explore what has been done and learn about areas where others are focusing. This list is not comprehensive and does not contain sponsored content. It has been curated by the community based on publicly available information or shared directly by individual project sponsors.

Efficient and secure acquisition of human health and genomic data

The company uses blockchain-based platform to build a marketplace for genomic and clinical data. It sequences participants’ genomes and then give users the agency to sell their personal data to researchers and pharmaceutical companies through a cryptocurrency. It also stores the participant’s genetic information in a blockchain based network.

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Protection and secure efficient transfer of IP in research

GSK and Viant are looking to increase the growth of blockchain supply chain platform in the pharmaceutical industry by using the distributed ledger technology to track intellectual property licenses and ensure that the drugs are produced, transported, and stored in proper conditions.

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