ProCredEx - Professional Credentials Exchange

The Professional Credentials Exchange (ProCredEx) was formed through a collaborative effort between Hashed Health and well known industry leaders (Spectrum Health, WellCare Health Plans, Inc., Accenture etc) to create solutions that will use blockchain, advanced databases, and artificial intelligence to address the cost, complexity, and delays historically surrounding practitioner credentialing.


Hashed Health

National Government Services

Spectrum Health

WellCare Health Plan


The Hardenbergh Group

HealthLink Dimensions

Texas Hospital Association


In process

  • Insurance Brokers
  • Provider
  • Payer
  • Tech
  • Healthcare services
  • Health tech
  • Identity
  • Data Security

Problem statement

Administrative process related to professional credentialing is highly inefficient.


In November 2018, ProCredEx announced launch of partner program with five leading health care enterprises. It will leverages advanced data science, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies to simplify the acquisition and verification of information related to professional credentialing.

Technical details

The aim is to resolve the administrative inefficiencies in healthcare credentialing by using distributed ledger technology (DLT). The solution aims to connect existing credentialing systems. The exchange will simplify the current system by allowing a secure exchange of needed information, which will be freely available between exchange members.

In March, 2019, the Texas Hospital Association (THA) endorsed the ProCredEx as an exclusive partner to help Texas hospitals accelerate the process of credentialing healthcare practitioners. ProCredEx intends to grow the current partner program and increase the data available over the coming months.

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