My Health My Data Consortium

My Health My Data (MHMD) is a Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Action. It is creating a blockchain-based platform for sharing personal health data for medical care, research and development.


Siemens Healthineers




SBA Research

Queen Mary University of London

SBA Research

University College London



In process

  • Identity
  • Data Security
  • Medical device
  • Payer
  • Tech
  • Academy
  • Research centers

Problem statement

  • There is a high cost involved in the protection healthcare data. In the US, US$5.6 billion per year are spent to protect the healthcare data
  • Absence of a platform which can leverage the value of biomedical datasets for medical care and research
  • Patients don’t have control over their healthcare data


Using blockchain, smart contracts, personal data accounts, dynamic consent, multilevel de-identification and big data analytics can be used for sharing personal health data for medical care, research and development.

Technical details

The application of the module for data analysis is based on integration between the various components of the ledger. The assets represent the information that is recorded in the ledger, the channel is ledger to query, the database is the status of the chain, the chaincode are the functions that allow to query the ledger and the transactions are the triggers to execute some operations on the chain. To get access to the different components of the ledger and create a new business logic for this purpose, it is necessary to develop a platform capable of simplifying the management and development on the blockchain. The tool selected to implement the programs to feed the data analytics module is Hyperledger Composer. With this tool the ledger is operated and smart contracts are developed and the business logic to feed the analytics module.

MHMD will lunch 2 public hackathon in July and August to put to test the overall MHMD system security.

ERRIN ICT Working Group Meeting on Blockchain


{"ICT 2018"=>"Imagine Digital - Connect Europe"}


Blockchain in sanità (Blockchain in Healthcare), Rome, 2018


Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR) 2019